The People’s Choice Labour Candidate for Riccarton

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Anthony Rimell 18 400Anthony Rimell, Riccarton

My first job was in Riccarton. I went to University at Canterbury – in the Riccarton Ward. Until recently, for a number of years I Pastored Riccarton Baptist Church – in the heart of the Riccarton Ward. Riccarton is home to me

Keeping Our City’s Assets

ChristchurchAirportChristchurch City owns a number of revenue-generating assets. Those assets have helped keep rates rises down.  We need a steady stream of revenue to make it possible to rebuild our city into a world-class twenty-first century place to live, work and play.

Selling our assets is like selling the family silver to pay for todays rent. When tomorrow comes we’ll have nothing to pay the future bills.

We need to keep rates rises down as much as possible both for today and for tomorrow. That’s why I’m committed to keeping the assets in Council hands. Your future ‘you’ will thank us for that!


Sorting Our Infrastructure

Fixing Infrastructure Riccarton RdOrange Road cones. We’ve all had enough of them! But the truth is our roads and footpaths still need more work. Riccarton Road is a real example. The new piping underground will make such a difference for decades to come. 

I’m committed to ensuring these projects get sorted as a priority. Quality roads around the ward are a ‘need to have’, not a ‘nice to have’. So let’s have them now. If I’m elected for Riccarton I’ll work tirelessly to ensure the roading projects around our Ward are sorted urgently.

But our infrastructure is also about public transport. We need a better system. There’s something wrong if it costs a family of four more to bus across town than to drive – and takes twice as long. The Riccarton Bus Terminal is a major hub. I’m committed to making sure we see more use of public transport because it’s cheaper and more effective for families than it is now.

We also need to explore the use of trains to move people into and around our city. Greater Christchurch has 500,000 people, with the population forecast to grow by 50 percent in the next few decades. That’s more than enough people to make trains a viable transport option. And it’s far better for the environment.

Railway Infrastructure

Cleaning Our Water

Cleaning our waterwaysThis is the image we think of when we think of Canterbury water.

But that’s not how it is. We’ve got problems:

  • Nitrate levels are becoming unsafe
  • Our best water is being exported overseas
  • The ongoing effects of the earthquakes on our underground aquifers is still being felt
  • We’re only now about to see chlorine removed

We haven’t cared for our precious water as we should have. We’re at a cross-roads.  If Im elected I’ll continue Vicki Buck’s campaign to once-again make Christchurch’s water the best in the world.


Working For Riccarton: Working For You

Anthony Rimell on the street 400Cities are communities. Riccarton is the most diverse Ward in Ōtatauhi/Christchurch; perhaps the most diverse in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. For many years now, I’ve advocated for the communities and whanau who call Riccarton home. As your Councillor, I’ll take your community issues and ideas to the Council table.

  • Business owners
  • Students
  • Community Groups

I’ll ensure your voice is heard, and your issues are given priority.