Anthony Rimell 18 400Anthony Rimell, Ilam

I have lived in Christchurch almost all my adult life. It’s where I went to High School, got my Degree, met and married my wife, and where our three children were born. Christchurch is home.

My father brought his family to New Zealand because it was a beautiful country: and a place where anyone could follow their dreams. People could buy a home. Health care was readily available and affordable. And a young person’s imagination and drive – and not their parent’s ability to pay – got them a quality education.


A Warm Home, Good Health, and Real Hope

A warm home, good health, and real hope. That’s what I grew up with. New Zealand was a society where helping people get ahead was the norm, not the exception. That's the New Zealand I want for the next generation.

For too long we've been told that we can no longer afford to give people those opportunities. We've seen buying a house become an impossible dream for many young people in our major cities. We've seen rising costs and longer waiting lists in health. We've seen good tertiary education become more expensive; and reduced opportunities for apprenticeships.

Anthony Rimell on the street 400In my role as a Baptist Pastor I’ve seen first-hand the impact of these policies. I see young people struggling with depression get turned away from the mental health system because it’s underfunded. I meet families feeling ground down because there isn’t enough money to make ends meet after they’ve paid their rent or mortgage. I talk with students who don't know how they’ll ever pay off their student loans.

I know how fortunate I’ve been, and so I’ve worked hard to make a difference. In 2011/12 I established a program with Habitat for Humanity that saw homes for the under-insured made liveable. I created and oversaw a privately funded small grants scheme helping quake-affected families make ends meet. In 2012/13 I was on the Advisory Board of the Christchurch Earthquake Appeals Trust. In 2016 I was elected to the Board of the Tenants Protection Agency. More recently I have been part of a group helping Housing New Zealand tenants connect with their local community.

Help Rebuild the Kiwi Dream

Now I’m standing for parliament with Labour to help rebuild the kiwi dream. I know Labour has the policies, the vision and the leadership to achieve that. I believe I have skills that can help make a difference. I’m a strong public speaker, with deep connections in our local communities. I’m an effective advocate, and passionate about our communities.

I bring a life time of skills in organizing, resourcing and empowering communities to make good collective decisions. Whether it's workplaces, faith-based groups, or grass-roots organizations, I've worked hard to give people their voice.

I’m standing in Ilam.I have a great team, whose aim is simple: to maximize the Labour vote and so help change the Government. I’m in it for the long haul: with a plan to grow our grass-roots base beyond this year into the following election and beyond.

If you want to help us achieve the kiwi dream, or if you have questions, concerns or ideas. I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me on (021) 839520, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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