The People’s Choice Labour Candidate for Riccarton

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A Warm, Dry, Safe Affordable Home

Written by Anthony Rimell

I have a number of key issues I'm standing for in this local body campaign.


A key one for me is the state of the City Council's Social Housing. Regardless of what you think about the Council owning social houses, what matters when the Council owns them is that they are fit for the people to live in. And the reality is that too many of 'Otatauhi Housing Trust' homes aren't fit for purpose.

I madfe a short vlog on this. You can watch it Here

We Need a Voice

Written by Anthony Rimell


i have a voice

One of my favourite movies is 'The King's Speech"

Yes, it does show the monarchy as a good institution in Great britan's fight against the ecvils of fascism in World War 2. I know for some that's highly debatable.

However as a movie it's far more than that. It's about a man, and a close friend who helps him discover a vital truth.

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Chris Trotter Goes to Wellington...

Written by Anthony Rimell

Chris Trotter is well known as a blogger from the left of the political sphere. I read his blog regularly.

(I do read blogs from the 'right' as well: I always to understand what's going on in the collective minds of our community).

This morning's blog from Chris is so important, I'm keen for everyone to read it. Follow the link below, and discover what 'neo-liberalism' is, and why it's important that we all understand it.

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