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It's Time!

Written by Anthony Rimell

The voting papers for the local body elections are out. Now, it’s time for the people to make their decision.


In every city and town, politicians will say that this is the most important election you have faced: perhaps that sort of over the top dramatics is one reason why people are losing interest. By definition, each election can’t be the most important ever!

Perhaps another is that politicians will make sweeping promises; some so vague they can’t be measured, and others that can only come to pass with large increases in taxes/ rates and/ or the support of such a wide range of people that they will be hard to put into place.

Add in the fact that for many young people the issues in local body elections seem so distant from their every-day concerns, and it’s no wonder we have a recipe for low voter turn-out.

And yet…

This is a real opportunity to shape our city’s future. Maybe just for the next three years; maybe for longer.  It’s not the only way to get involved: but it is one.

So: please.

Have your say.


It’s not hard to do.

And if more people get involved we can send the message that we understand how important the issues really are.