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plus les choses changent

Written by Anthony Rimell

quote the more things change the more they are the same alphonse karr 98877

So said the French novelist Jean-Baptist Alphonse Karr in 1849. 

Thinking housing, and why it matters, reminded me of this film from 1946. 

1946 Housing film

The themes:

1  A desparate shortage of housing.

2  40,000 families living in substandard settings

3  A conservative lobby arguing that building the needed housing was too costly.

4  A movement committed to meeting this need, no matter the cost.

71 years later here we are again.  A desparate housing crisis, with tens of thousands living in cars, garages, tents. A government saying that it has done all it can.  

I joined Labour because they have a set of policies that will kick-start and drive the movement to build the housing we need.

10,000 new houses every year for as long as it takes.

Affordable: not $900,000 units in Auckland!

A shortage of land? They'll deal with that by working with local councils.

A shortage of tradestaff? They'll deal with that by promoting and funding the training needed.

The solution is there for us. It was in 1946. It is again. 

I've heard some ask if we can afford to do it.  My view is that we can't afford not to.  Besides, we have done it before.

The real shortage has been a shortage of the political will to do something. I'm proud that Labour has that will.

We'll build the houses because we need to do it: and beacuse we can do it. It's the right thing for New Zealand.

That's the Labour party I'm proud to be a part of.