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Everyone Deserves a Secure Home

Written by Anthony Rimell

Tonight I attended a meeting with tenants of Housing New Zealand. They came from Riccarton, from Bryndwr, from Shirley, from Edgeware.

They came because they have had letters from the Government telling them their houses are up for sale: part of the 2,500 HNZ houses the Government is looking to sell in Christchurch.  Some of them told their stories.

For Sale

They were scared.

They were angry

They were determined to stop the sale.

Many of them haven’t voted for a long time. But now, in 2017, they will vote for the parties that will guarantee not to sell State houses. And they’ll organise to get others to vote too.

Because these are their homes.

These are where they dream for the future, plan for the future, hope for the future.

And they are afraid that the sale will take those dreams and hopes and plans away.

They don't want the Government to sell their houses.

They want the Government to build more houses.

They aren’t stupid. They know that Bill English’s claim that houses must be sold in order to build more is nonsense. They know that in eight years the Government has drained over half a billion dollars out of HNZ: money that could have built thousands of new homes.

They want to stop the sale.

They need our support.

They have my support. They have Labour’s support.

Please: give them your support too. 

The next meeting is at the Transition Cathedral on 9 March. Get along, and show your support.

Let's stop the sale.