We Need a Voice

Written by Anthony Rimell


i have a voice

One of my favourite movies is 'The King's Speech"

Yes, it does show the monarchy as a good institution in Great britan's fight against the ecvils of fascism in World War 2. I know for some that's highly debatable.

However as a movie it's far more than that. It's about a man, and a close friend who helps him discover a vital truth.

 I have a Voice

A growing number of people in New Zealand are feeling they have no voice.

Many Housing New Zealand tenants of Christchurch are seeing their homes being sold without any say over the process or outcome.

Rochdale Street residents have discovered that a boutique funeral home can be set up in their street without their permission.

Bishopdale residents round Trafford Street are struggling to oppose a new liquor store in their area.

Harewood and Bishopdale people are fearful over increased traffic flows at the Breens/ Gardiners/ Harewood Roads intersection, feeling powerless because needed lights still arent installed.

Water quality and flow at the head of the Avon River remain extremely poor, with no sign of effort by decision makers to resolve these problems.

The list goes on. Growing mental health issues; increasing homelessness - even in Ilam; disconnected youth around Westfield Mall (technically in Wigram but the Ilam boundary is along Riccarton Road).

It's time we gave the community a stronger voice.

They have a voice.

It deserves to be heard.

It isnt being heard at this time. There's no leadership for the communities that make up Ilam

That's what I'm committed to bringing to the electorate.

A voice that's here.

A voice for you, on issues that matter to you.

You deserve a voice.